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Whales Beeginner Set

Whales Beeginner Set

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Introduce reusable wax wraps to your home, play with our three different sizes (S, M, L) and discover the many ways you can replace plastic wrap with The Beeginner Set.

Small wraps are the jack of all trades – perfect for leftover vegetables, covering mason jars, or keeping odds and ends organised. Medium wraps are ideal for storing snacks, while large wraps can cover most bowls and containers. Be creative! The possibilities are endless…

It makes the perfect gift for anyone interested in living plastic free lifestyle or reducing waste. While the beeswax wraps products support sustainable lifestyles, they also support a sustainable business model that helps the community and environment. As a social enterprise, SuperBee provides fair wages and safe workplace for primarily female workers in the rural area in Thailand where they are based.

Measuring 20 cm x 20 cm, 26 cm x 26 cm and 33 cm x 33 cm the Wax Wraps are reusable, water resistant and antibacterial to cover and protect. They shape to objects and form a tight seal.

Wrap It, Wash It, Re-use it


S 20cm by 20cm
M 26cm by 26cm
L 33cm by 33cm